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DFB TO Laser
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  • Product Category: PRODUCT Spectral Analysis(TDLAS,FTIR,UV-DOS,etc) Laser
  • Compared with TO package with pigtail, TO package supplies possibility to reduce more dimension. Xuhai TO laser has integrated TEC, thermistor, MPD into the package. Two kinds of TO packages are supplied:TO with focusing lens;TO with angeled flat window。TO Laser without TEC is under investigation.  TO laser with collimating is also under development.


    • Stable Wavelength and Output Power

    • Low Cost

    • High Reliability

    • High Oupt Power

    • Wide Operating Temperature(-20℃-55℃)

    • Compact Package

    Following Wavelength but not limited to can be supplied:

Spectrum Analysis(TDLAS,FTIR,UV-DOS,etc)
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